Iran Import Customs Regulations

1.For Diplomats. 
To clear the shipment of household goods a diplomat must be holding his diplomatic ID card which is essential when applying for customs exemption through Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran.
All sea / road diplomatic shipments must get released through Tehran south Customs ( TSC ) . Once the goods are transited from the entry port to TSC the related mission / embassy can apply for the customs exemption based on the TSC warehouse receipt.

2. For Non diplomats Foreigners
Foreigners working in Iran can import their household goods. To do so, the customs requires their work permit.

3. For Iranians Returning Home
Iranians who have been living abroad at least for one steady year can import their goods to Iran if during the last six month s/he has not entered to Iran nor  imported her/his goods.
The consignee must have " Iranian Residency stamp " in her / his passport.

All narcotics and drugs 
Wireless transmitters / receivers, firearms, ammunition , explosive and weapons. 
Political and religious literature offensive to the Islamic faith or Islamic Republic of Iran

Only Iranian Citizens / Foreign diplomats can Import a car to Iran.
The automobile can be imported against a tax & duty of  about 80 % of the evaluated value of the car.( Diplomatic cars are free of duty & tax )
The prohibited cars:
· The cars having diesel motors
· The cars having right steering wheel
· The cars older than 2 years

Required Documents:
Original B/L or AWB
Packing list / Stowing list in English
Customs exemption ( for diplomats )
Work permit ( for foreigners working in Iran )
Original Passport ( copy is not accepted )
Presence of the consignee at the customs. ( Except the diplomats )

NOTE – As per Iranian Quarantine Regulations as from 24 September 2011, all crates/wooden boxes used for the shipment of goods must be made of treated timber and have the ISPM15 stamp as proof of the treatment on the timber used. This is a requirement regardless of whether the goods are packed by the agent or by the client. Please ensure that your wooden cases are of treated timber, if not Iranian Quarantine will order fumigation at the wharf, cost of which will be billed back to the agent/owner or the goods. Please note that the fumigation charges at the wharf are quite expensive and this will also be resulted in delaying the normal clearance process.

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