When packing your fragile items to send them away it is important to make sure they are packed safely when you send them, it is important to follow a few guide lines that will make sure when you pack and send your items, they will be safe.

When you are packing and sending your fragile items, you should always expect the package to experience rough conditions, just as a precaution. Always use two boxes and wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap does not always guard against falls if the item is rattling or loose, so you should always make sure it is tightly packed and buffered with protective materials.

All fragile items such as glass wear, crockery anWhed delicate china, should each be individually wrapped a minimum five times with newspapers, if newspapers is being used.

But we extremely suggest you to let us do the packaging for you to make sure your goods will get there safe.

We will wrap them with the best material available and all the boxes will go inside a wooden box or a metal container.

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